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How to make it through 'dry January'

Doing 'dry January' but don't know where to start? Or maybe you just want to start the year will a little (or lot) less alcohol than 2020! It can be made so much easier if you have an alternative tipple that gives you that Friday feeling without the hangover. Read on for some of my most loved alcohol substitutes.


This is one of my favourite drinks to enjoy in a short glass, over ice and with a slice of lime. Kombucha is fermented tea, traditionally made from tea, water, sugar and SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Brands such as Jarr Kombucha and Equinox have some of the best flavours in my opinion and are not overly sweet, which you can find with some due to the sugar content. With probiotic properties thanks to the SCOBY, this is also great to support good gut health, even better!


Some non alcoholic gins can have the price tag of a very good gin so when I came across Cedars, I was pleased that it was under £20. Their botanical blends incorporate juniper berries so they really do taste like gin and the added twists such as rooibos, hibiscus, coriander, hibiscus and rose make for an interesting fusion. Whether you like a classic, floral, refreshing or spicy gin, you will be covered.


Another drink, which I've yet to try but was recommended by a client is Three Spirit. These contain active plant ingredients to give you that buzz, without any alcohol content. For example, the Livener blend contains Schisandra, a bright red fruit which is known for its adaptogenic properties, modulating the effect of stress and invigorating the body.


This was once America's most popular drink although I hadn't heard of this until Mother Root London brought it to the UK. Their ginger Switchel is a concentrated blend of pressed ginger root, blossom honey, organic apple cider vinegar and a touch of chilli. It really does give you a warm kick without the alcohol content. This is best enjoyed over some ice with some tonic (plain or flavoured) and a sprig of rosemary. So yummy!

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