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Image by John Looy

Having worked with fertility clients that have had positive outcomes, I have gone on to support those women throughout their pregnancies. Bespoke nutrition advice to support each trimester will not only help support the health of your baby but also ensure that you are ready for birth and beyond. 

During pregnancy, your body is incredible in that it prioritises the needs of the baby. However, this may lead to the depletion of key nutrients in pregnant women and/or postpartum. Therefore, ensuring you optimise your nutrition and lifestyle during each trimester of your pregnancy may minimise your risk of depletion as well as providing support for common risk factors during pregnancy such as gestational diabetes.

I recommend that pregnant clients see me for a 1:1 session at the start of each trimester so that we can support the needs of your baby during vital stages of its development and then, towards the end of your pregnancy in preparation for birth and breastfeeding.  

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