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January Favourites!

I always love reading about other people's favourite products in the wellness space so have decided to post about this for January - if this is something you'd like to see more of then do let me know via comments below! Links are contained in the titles below and for 10% off The Natural Dispensary products, just use my code JENWAL10.

I received this for Christmas from my other half and I can honestly say it't the nicest tasting alcohol-free spirit I have tried (and I have tried quite a few!!). I have the ADRIFT version which is described on their website as "Crisp, herbaceous and fresh. Notes of citrus, coupled with sage, rock samphire and sea salt for a round herbal finish" and I 100% agree! You really do get that hint of sea salt yet its such a crisp and refreshing drink, I have to stop myself from guzzling it because its just so so good!! It's not the cheapest option out there but I would still say its well worth every penny as its so unique. Definitely a must-try for anyone doing dry January or reducing alcohol intake if trying to conceive. For 15% off use code COAST15.

Another Christmas present from my husband (he knows me well!) was this gorgeous box of mixed truffles from Booja Booja. I would definitely say this is more of a treat as the sugar content is quite high as dark chocolate goes (I usually like to recommend 80% dark or more to clients). However, as a little bit of indulgence is what we need sometimes (especially in January!), then I would say this chocolate is one of the best dairy free options out there.

I'm always on the look-out for natural products that don't cost the earth but make you feel good and this body wash really does tick all the boxes. It's been a firm favourite of mine for the last year. Not only is it natural and paraben free but it does a good job of not drying out the skin, which is something I normally struggle with. It has a clean and fresh scent thanks to the natural essential oils including lavender, tangerine, orange and vanilla and is loved by my husband too so its a good family option, especially in the 1L size.

This is a god-send in the winter months for anyone that struggles with dry lips as the central heating gets cranked up and the outside temperatures plummet. Part of their cult 'skin food' range, this lip balm uses natural oils and plant extracts to nourish dry and chapped lips.

This is Bare Biology's most recent product launch and such a great option for the winter month's. The NHS' recommendation is to supplement 400IU of vitamin D from October through to Feb/March and what better way to do that than to combine it with essential fatty acids. Omega 3 is typically low in the Western diet so it's a good idea to consider supplementing this. Just two capsules of Rise & Shine contains 1000IU vitamin D and good levels of both EPA and DHA, which will help to support fertility, pregnancy and general health and wellbeing.

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