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Orange & Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce

Adding a festive twist to cranberry sauce with orange & cinnamon, this refined sugar free version is super simple to make. You can buy cranberries fresh or frozen - either will work. I used fresh and then once made, I have frozen ready to use on Christmas day.


300g fresh (or frozen cranberries)

juice and zest of 1 large oranges (I also had 1/2 orange in the fridge so squeezed this juice in too)

port (optional)

100g coconut sugar

1 stick of cinnamon


Juice and zest the orange into a jug and then top up the liquid with the same amount of port (if using) or water. Add the cranberries to a medium sized pan on a low heat. Cover with the orange juice, zest and water/port. Turn up the heat so the liquid begins to boil and you hear the cranberries begin to 'pop', then turn down to a very gently simmer. Once you have turned the heat down, slowly add in the coconut sugar, stirring continuously until its completely dissolved into the liquid. Much of the alcohol will burn off but it will leave a wonderfully rich & sweet flavour that balances out the sourness of the cranberries. Continue to cook until the cranberry sauce has thickened - this will take around 20-30mins depending on the temperature.

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