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Cookbooks to inspire you!

People often find the most challenging thing about eating healthy is knowing where to find healthy recipes. Rather than create meal plans for clients, which are often limiting, I much prefer to support on what good looks like so they have the tools to recognise a healthy recipe and meal when they see one. I truly believe healthy eating starts in the kitchen and try to encourage clients to cook as much as time allows. And so, to inspire some healthy cooking this year, here are my most loved and most used books.

Nina's dishes are healthy yet delicious thanks to her sauces that she's scoured the world for. From Japan to Mexico or California, there is something for everyone in her latest book. Whilst many of the dishes centre around her use of lots of vegetables, there are a few meat and fish recipes thrown in for good measure.

Fellow Nutritional Therapist, Amelia created this book having just had her daughter when she realised the challenges that arise when trying to cook healthy with little time. Her recipes are nutritionally balanced thanks to her knowledge about how to eat healthy, yet as the name suggests they are simple! This is a fab book whether you have a child or not, especially for anyone that wants some easy meals to cook that are still healthy.

Having also studied at CNM, Madeleine Shaw is clued up about what nutrition we need to support optimal health. Her focus on sustainable and seasonal eating in this book encourages us to eat with the seasons and therefore source our foods more locally. I always come back to this book when I have exhausted my newer recipe books as she has some of my firm favourite dishes in here!

When I went through my plant-based phase, I really thought I would struggle to convince my husband that this way of eating is delicious. However, he has now become the one that brings new plant-based dishes to the table via The Happy Pear recipes! I bought him this book for Xmas and he's already made a couple of dishes and they are always so delicious.

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