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"Jen went above and beyond to help me, not just from a nutritional perspective but from an overall wellbeing perspective too. She's prescriptive without being forceful and provides an array of recipes, support guides, and wellbeing tips and tricks to bolster her advice which I found so useful. I loved working with her and took so much from the experience and advice that she gave me so couldn't recommend working with her more!"

Fiona Grayson - Founder at She can. She did.

"I reached out to Jen's following my newly diagnosed condition of PCOS. She gave me the support and knowledge I needed to manage my symptoms, whilst setting achievable goals. The nutrition, lifestyle and supplement plan not only supported my symptoms but ultimately helped me with my mindset and stress levels. The plan was tailored to my needs, aiming to suit my busy lifestyle and gave me confidence to take charge of my health and wellbeing. I now have much healthier approach to eating and lifestyle - the benefits have been vast. I cannot thank Jen enough for her continued support!"

Jenny, 36

"I came to Jen for help when I was struggling with my cycle and fertility. She gave me dietary and supplement advice, which I feel has improved my health and regulated my cycle. I highly recommend anybody trying to conceive to work with Jen."

Holly, 33

"I wanted to lose some post baby weight and manage my stress levels with two children so went to seek Jen's help. Jen's advice on quick and healthy meal plans (rather than calorie counting diets) backed up with supplements specific to my needs has hugely changed my eating habits and well-being for the better. I've managed to lose weight and have more energy without ever feeling hungry or feeling like I am missing out. Highly recommend Jen for all nutritional advice - I wouldn't have made the longterm positive changes I have without her!"

Claire, 38

"I am blown away with how Jen has helped me in such a short time span. Jen has started a huge positive shift within me and my relationship with food, as well as dramatically improving my PMS symptoms, which have controlled my life for so long. Not only has Jen helped me with understanding the importance of diet but she has also helped me realise that I need to look after my lifestyle, sleep and wellbeing, three things I totally ignored previously and I can't wait to keep improving these along with my diet. Thank you SO much Jen, I am eternally grateful and can't wait to keep working together. I can't recommend Jen highly enough!"

Sian, 30

"Jen really helped me a lot, she took away the stress. She really cares and is amazing at what she does. I can't thank you enough Jen! I will be telling all of my friends :-) xxx"

Fertility Client, 37

"I came to Jen after being unable to get pregnant for over a year. I wanted to know how I could improve my chances of conceiving with changes to my diet. I was also suffering with bad bloating and very irregular periods. Working with Jen I managed to pretty much eliminate my bloating and have a regular cycle. I have also just found out I am pregnant. Jen also worked with my husband and I definitely feel this benefited us. We cannot thank Jen enough and would 100% recommend her."

Ellie, 33

"Jen really helped to reassure me about my fertility journey. She offered a lot of support and checked in regularly beyond just the consultations. Her knowledge of supplements and reading my test results made me feel like I was in very good hands."

Erin, 34

"Jennifer helped me with implementing more structure around when I eat and what I eat. Love Jen's recipes too! Overall great experience and I have more energy, yay!"

Kerrie-Anne, 37

"Thank you Jen! This wouldn't have happened without you!!!! We are so grateful for your fantastic advice and direction on our nutritional needs and your positive nature and approach! All of this made it happen for us!!"

Zoe, 37

"Jen has helped me immensely with all her expertise. I came to her with awful period irregularities, IBS and so many other issues. For the time I've been working with her, my cycles have become regular, and the actual pattern has become regular too. I came to her with all hopes lost of ever having normal periods again due to having PCOS. And here we are 3 months later - where I feel like a hopeful, changed and positive woman. I'm looking forward to seeing how much further my journey improves to better health. Thanks you Jen."

Sanaa, 33

"Working with Jen has been the best decision I have made in a while. She is extremely professional but friendly and empathetic at the same time. Her advice is backed up by science and is so easy to implement in your daily life. And the best part is that you will start seeing results very quickly. Jen takes a very holistic approach and was very flexible when I could not stick to some of her recommendations and always offered alternatives. She helped me do the things I have always known I have to do but never quite knew how. I thoroughly recommend Jen to anyone who is struggling with hormone imbalances or just want to feel better in their own skin."

Mila, 30

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