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Before we start working together, I encourage all potential clients to have a 'discovery call' with me to better understand how I can support you and what package would be suitable based on your goals. Ahead of our initial consultation, I require clients to complete a health and nutrition questionnaire as well as a food and lifestyle diary for a minimum of 3 days.  The initial consultation is typically around 90 mins in which I will review your case history, including any current health concerns, medical history, lifestyle as well as in-depth dietary analysis. Following this, you will receive a personalised nutritional health and supplement plan, including some supporting material to help optimise your health through nutrition.  Testing (at an additional cost) might be necessary which we can discuss during this time or I may suggest that tests are carried out by your GP. 


I typically recommend clients to see me for a minimum of one initial consultation and one follow up appointment around 4 weeks later.

During the one hour follow up appointment, we will assess your progress and I will make any relevant adjustments to your personalised plan. 

Depending on your health concerns, it may be beneficial to see me for a longer period, in which case, I can advise on a package to suit you. Book in a free ten-minute call with me today so that I can ascertain the best course of action that will suit your current needs.


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