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Jen's favourites are available to shop via the links below.

Everything included here has been carefully selected, trialled and tested by Jen and include items that are recommended to her clients in a 1:1 setting as well as via socials. 

Please note that the links do include affiliate links. If you buy something using these links, you may receive a discount and in return, Jen receives a small commission, at no additional cost to you. 

Aduna - 15% off

Aduna produce a collection of superfood blends including raw cacao, baobab powder & moringa which are fertility friendly and pregnancy safe. These are a great way to elevate your smoothies or any snacks you're making. 


Exhale Coffee - £10 off

Exhale produce speciality grade, organic coffee which is scientifically verified healthy. Coffee can contain toxins and mycotoxins yet exhale coffee are free from these and can verify this via independent lab testing. If you are looking to reduce caffeine intake, their Swiss water decaf method is chemical free so you can be sure that you are supporting your fertility in the process. 

Freja - 20% off

Freja produce natural bone broth, responsibly sourced from Norway. They come in easy to store cartons, making them a real staple in any household. I particularly love bone broth to support gut health whilst trying to conceive. The glycine and collagen found in bone broth is essential during pregnancy when needs increase exponentially.

Healf - 10% off

Healf is your one stop shop for everything healthy. They stand by their four key pillars - EAT, MOVE, MIND, SLEEP and you can shop these areas to support your overall health and wellbeing. They also stock a wide range of supplements from some of my favourite brands. I have worked with Healf to curate a Fertility range of products - all you need to do is search fertility.

Linwoods - 15% off

I've been a loyal customer of Linwoods for many years and they are a firm staple in any fertility plan I create for my clients. Not only do linseeds (flax) contain healthy fats like omega 3, they are great for balancing hormones naturally. Their milled range is great for those that don't necessarily want to eat nuts and seeds whole & they are much easier on digestion too.

Medichecks - 10% off

Medichecks is your one-stop-shop for private blood testing. Jen uses Medichecks with all her clients to check everything from sex hormones, thyroid function & DHEA-S, to full blood counts, liver function, cholesterol & key fertility nutrient profiles including B12, folate, iron, vitamin D and more. Blood draws are far more reliable than finger prick testing.

Riverford - £15 off

Riverford Organic award-winning veg boxes are a sustainable & convenient way to eat pesticide-free seasonal organic produce. Jen is a loyal customer with Riverford and vouches for their locally grown/sourced products including their veg, fruit, dairy & meat. All their packaging is re-used or compostable.

Zita West - 10% off

Zita West has been trusted in the fertility & pregnancy field for over 20 years. The range of fertility & pregnancy supplements have been developed alongside a leading IVF clinic, formulated based on the latest clinical evidence. I am a huge fan of their Menceive & Femceive products in particular. 

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